(Share your testimony of the blessing of PCB.)

“Project Christmas blessing has been a great blessing to our family. From early October on, the children are asking for extra jobs and brainstorming ways to earn more money to sponsor children through PCB. We are thankful to have an avenue of giving through an organization that is ‘close to home’ that partners with mission works that the church already supports.” - a mother

"...At each location, we have spent a wonderful time, singing Christmas songs and sharing the short Christmas message with children and poor people. At the distribution of these gifts, each one seems very glad in God with thanks to the Lord. I appreciated and have many thanks for the Saints in the United States to support of Project Christmas Blessing. And Praise the Lord!!!" - recipient from Pakistan

“PCB has been a way for me to personally give of myself to someone in another country even though I can’t go to the physical location. It has given me a way to be a missionary and express my desire to help others while I am still at home and it gives me an industrious job to do in my free time.” -a 14 year old donor

"PCB gave us the opportunity to witness to our neighbors and others about the Lord and inspires us to do something similar on our own in the future as the Lord provides." -coordinator, Honduras